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 Income Tax 2008

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PostSubject: Income Tax 2008   Sun Mar 15, 2009 1:44 pm

I sure am lazy and don't want to learn how to figure the div rate and capital gains rate so I downloaded turbo tax and will try to run it in a virtual PC just to see what to put on 1040A.
I made one virtual machine but let it slip by without customizing how much ram to let it have and it went on the default of 64 MB for XP. When I put the turbo tax CD I burned into it, it informed me that the computer didn't meet the specs to run turbo tax.

Installing XP in a new virtual machine now. I'm just going to lie and tell it all my divs and capital gains came from one place so I don't have to fill it all in. It screws it up for me anyway by adding seperate extra worksheets for each company I get divs from. It'd be over 50 pages of forms if I let it do that. Oh well. More time than inclination to learn how again this year.
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Income Tax 2008
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