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 Recycling Plastic Bags is Stupid !

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PostSubject: Recycling Plastic Bags is Stupid !   Fri Mar 20, 2009 9:55 am

Helen's had her little plastic bag with other plastic bags in it tied closed and sitting
over close to the front door for a few days. She gets a few and bags them up
as soon as she has about 20. They sit around for awhile until finally she gets
around to taking them down the road where they have a place to put them where
they're supposed to be recycled.

They're probably not going to be recycled, most are sent overseas to third world
countrys where they can incerate them without breaking any laws regarding
burning hazardous materials. It costs about $4,000 to process a ton of them and
the resulting product can be sold on the open market for about $32.

I assured her she was wasting her time and effort but she hasn't listened so I
googled it today and got a short answer from a bag manufacuring place and put
it on one of my web pages. It's Here

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PostSubject: : Recycling Plastic Bags is Stupid !   Sat Mar 21, 2009 10:08 am

Tracy is the recycling queen and makes me play along. We've spent a fair amount of money purchasing the Rubbermaid storage boxes to put stuff in. It makes her feel good but I will pass on the plastic bag info. She does have quite a few Walmart and Food City reuseable mesh bags she uses frequently.

My first sentence above reminds me of a comic (Rodney Carrington). One of his bits starts something like this..

"We were poor growing up..Well, I wasn't really poor, Mama was and she dragged us kids down with her."

Funnier when he says it!
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Recycling Plastic Bags is Stupid !
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