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 The 3 Bad Mice

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PostSubject: The 3 Bad Mice   Fri May 15, 2009 3:37 pm

My mouse quit working right a couple of weeks ago. I'd click on something and hear
the satisfying click but nothing would happen. I'd had some trouble opening up web
pages before that so it must have been happening slowly.

I got out the funny little mouse from the Crayola set I did a review on and plugged it
in and it work fine but had about 10 different flashing lights and I decided I couldn't
stand that so I ordered two from Walmart (gift certificate). One was there in less
than 48 hours, earlier than they had forecast. It was the cheapest one they had. I"d
gotten used to the blinking mouse and quit looking at it and like how it worked and
fit my hand so I kept using it. Yesterday it quit moving the mouse arrow, it just
stayed there in one place no matter how many times I moved it around.

I hooked up the new one and it moved itself around without my input. I'd move it and
it'd take off before I could click in. It was late last night when I finished doing what I
was trying to get done. I'd keep trying until I would finally click in with the cursor
where I wanted it to be and start typing. When I did I'd start typing and the arrow
would just wander around sniffing right and left and up and I'd hunt it back up when
I was finished typing.

I'm back using the first one again and it's clicking a little better, maybe I jarred it.
The second one I ordered still hasn't arrived even though they said it would arrive
this week between Monday and Thursday. It's Friday.

I've got plenty of PS2 mice but the Dell has no place to hook one of those up.

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The 3 Bad Mice
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