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 Bear in My Yard

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PostSubject: Bear in My Yard   Sun May 31, 2009 7:11 pm

I walked out on the back porch and there was a great big black bear in my back

Our friend Diane was in the front yard planting some stuff for Helen who left for
Las Vegas this morning and she came in the front door hollering "There's a BEAR
in your back yard!" I opened the back door and stuck my head in and said that's
what I was going to tell you.

It ambled off behind my outbuilding and must have went southeast 'cause I couldn't
see him behind the building.

Diane said "Oh, I hope they don't hurt him." I said "They who?" She said "Oh,
I better go call somebody and have them come and pick him up."

I watched a little more and went in and she'd run all the way through my house and
over to hers. I walked out back and didn't see it but the horses were standing
looking in one direction and had all gathered together and I heard dogs start
barking up on the hill so he must have went that way.

Oh well, it's gone now I reckon. I guess Diane called it a cab but it won't be here.

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PostSubject: big ole bear   Sun May 31, 2009 8:17 pm

I don't know who is the funniest, you or Dianne. Be sure to keep your trash cans tightly closed and it probably won't start hanging around. Wild animals are moving closer and closer to civilization.
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PostSubject: Bear in My Yard   Mon Jun 01, 2009 6:34 am

I agree with Granny, that's a funny story! I can just picture a bear getting into the back of a cab with a briefcase and tophat.

You hear from Ma last night? Off to Michigan myself this morning and back Thursday eve.

The new broadband security system is working great so I'll call and cancel my home phone this weekend if no other probs occur.
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PostSubject: Re: Bear in My Yard   Mon Jun 01, 2009 7:49 am

Well, Diane was even funnier than that. That was just how it looked to me.

I went out on the front porch and saw Diane over there putting rocks against the gate to
the back yard where they let the dogs run. She stopped and put both hands on her head.
Curly was next to the truck and spotted me and hollered there was a bear over here and I
told him it was gone now and they came over. They'd seen it a long time before I did.

They saw it come out of the wooded lot beside Jo's house and across the road into my
front yard. Their dog Jake saw it and took off after it and Diane took off after Jake and
it went around behind my house. I guess when she got here she jus ran in my house.

I asked Diane what she was going to do when she caught it and she said she was going to
pull Jake off of it. I was grinning but kept from laughing hysterically. I said "Yeah, I'd jump
right into that confrontation." I was thinking the bear didn't need any help getting Jake off.

Jake evidently weighed the odds and saw he was overmatched and went home, never even
barked at it.
Helen called last night and got me out of bed. Cindy's friend Mike picked them up and they
went somewhere and ate and then went to the hotel. She gave me a number, probably off
the phone, 26019. I've got it on a torn off piece of a cigarette carton written with a sharpie
and laying here beside the mouse pad. I guess that's the room number, 26th floor, room 019
but don't know for sure. I think they're staying at the Flamingo.

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PostSubject: Re: Bear in My Yard   

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Bear in My Yard
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