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 The Three Bears? Try 163,000

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PostSubject: The Three Bears? Try 163,000   Sat Jun 13, 2009 9:41 am

Unidentified Photo Handout

The Three Bears? Try 163,000 ... and counting

HARLAN, Ky. Bobby Koger was deer hunting on a Kentucky hillside when a black bear gave him
the fright of his life.

A 300-pound animal, apparently unhappy that an intruder was on his turf, came charging and
didn't stop until Koger raised his .50 caliber muzzleloading rifle and fired from point-blank range.
A hunting companion who witnessed the attack from a distance also shot the bruin, which
wheeled, ran a short distance and collapsed.

Conservation officers concluded that they fired in self-defense at a bear that had lost its natural
fear of humans.

With black bear populations rising, run-ins have become almost commonplace more than
15,000 in the past year in states east of the Mississippi River according to a survey of state
wildlife agencies.
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The Three Bears? Try 163,000
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