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 The Lights Went Out Yesterday

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PostSubject: The Lights Went Out Yesterday   Sun Jun 14, 2009 11:09 am

It got dark a little early last evening from storm clouds in the sky then it began to rain
and a lightning bolt flashed and everything goes off. Computer, modem, lights,
everything that used AC current. That's my rant.

There's usually an opportunity to anything that happens though and my wife could no
longer read and watch TV at the same time. It was peaceful and quiet.
My wife doesn't like peace and quiet and doesn't like to get up from her recliner that
late in the evening. She hadn't ever bothered to look at her new eeePC that I'd been
setting up for her so I unplugged everything from it and carried it in and handed it to

She said the internet's off, what can I do with this and I told her she could listen to the
music I put on there or look at her pictures. She chose to look at her pictures and it
took me a little while to show her how (as best I knew). She was still doing that later
when the lights came back on and it popped up that it was connected to the internet
again and the signal was excellent. She opened the browser on it for the first time
and the start page I'd made her had a link to her email at work and when she
discovered that she logged in for the first time ever by herself here at
home. She fooled with the email awhile before she went back to reading and
the TV at the same time so she finally got her feet wet on it.
I guess that's a rave.

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The Lights Went Out Yesterday
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