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 Yard Mowing at Our House

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PostSubject: Yard Mowing at Our House   Sun Jun 14, 2009 11:52 am

Jon Carter came as usual Thursday and mowed and I paid him and told him we wouldn't be
having him mow the yard anymore. Hated to do that but hated paying him every week for
mowing whether it needed it or not.

Curly couldn't get Diane's John Deere running and made it seem too complicated and
expensive (in his mind) to fix. Diane really loved her John Deere but Curly arranged to
sell it to her son Jimmy and did what he'd been wanting to anyway and bought one of
those commercial type mowers like one of the neighbors who had one bragged up to
him. Diane finally figured out how to make it go forward and backward and turn around on a
dime. It was very expensive though and that worried her.

She spoke up the other day and said she'd mow our yard cheaper than Jon and I said OK.
She was just kidding of course, I knew that, but she really did want to do it and I told her I
wanted her to and finally she called Wednesday and said she'd do it. Oh, I left out that
Curly heard about it and tried to make a "contract" out of it but I told her I didn't want a
contract but she could mow when one of us asked her to. I don't want any contracts if I
can help it besides lights, cable, and telephone. I hate contracts.

I was tired of Jon mowing whenever he wanted 'cause he sort of looked at it as a contract even
though we didn't have any and was about to let him go anyway with nobody else lined up to do it
so it looked like I was being generous. I told her when she called that I was going to try and
make her do it anyway but letting Jon go and not having anybody, she thought that was
funny but I wasn't joking. I was afraid that I'd end up having to buy another riding mower
after I let Jon go but would have let it really grow up first.

Helen's wanting her to mow the backyard now, it hasn't been mown in about a month. I told
her to arrange it then so I wouldn't have to negotiate a smaller job. It was pretty crazy having
Jon mow the back field when the back yard was always grown up. I really don't care if the part
in the back is just grown up (like the back yard) for awhile myself, we don't use it and don't have
any company coming. At most I would have just had to mow the front yard about as often as I
did the back yard with the little push mower. If Helen get's Diane to mow the back I probably
will go out and take a section of the fence down temporarily so she can get the new mower in.

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Yard Mowing at Our House
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