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 Windows 7 On A Netbook

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PostSubject: Windows 7 On A Netbook   Wed Aug 05, 2009 10:43 am

I have been sure it would work fine after I tried the RC version on the emachine with
an AMD 1.6 processor and one gig ram.
Someone tested one with an eeePC with an Atom 1.6 and one gig ram. They put it
on several pages so I borrowed it and make my own page without the nice pictures.
Here's My Copy
Legit Mobile Reviews with nice pictures and graphs

I'm seriously thinking about getting one and hooking it up to a monitor, keyboard, and
mouse. The emachine refurb died but there's still one available for $199 but it'll
probably die young to. An emachine with a Atom 1.6 and one gig is $229.99 but it
doesn't have the wireless or a slot for a card. I need to protect against storms, I've
lost a cable modem, two routers, integrated lan and a lan card lightning through the
cable and a computer maybe through the cable or maybe electricity line, the
breaker flipped off in the fuse box.

I could use the wireless and I'd have to get a UPS without
the transformer for the netbook to help protect it. I've been mostly off line for about
a week due to storms and the netbook has held up so far when I used it wirelessly.
It's my wife's though with a 900 mhz Celeron and one gig, would probably be ok but
she's just getting used to XP. Windows 7 is slow on it in VPC with 512 ram

It sounds unbelievable but Windows 7 gives about the same performance as XP
and this guy's test confirms what I'd found to be true.

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Windows 7 On A Netbook
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