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 Nearby Collision

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PostSubject: Nearby Collision   Sat Oct 31, 2009 2:00 pm

I was sitting here in front of the monitor and Helen and Diane were out on the back
porch having coffee with the sliding glass door closed. I heard them start making
noises and then come in and head toward the front door. I was in the living room
before they were and they said "There's been a wreck out front!"
I said "It must not have been close, I didn't hear it".

Diane said "Yes it was, you just didn't hear because you were in the house".

They came back in and said Jenifer had backed into Brad's truck.
Helen told me after Diane left that they could hear Brad over there saying
"Oh fuck!" "Oh fuck!" over and over. Jenifer left in a few minutes, she doesn't live
with Brad anymore, just visits now, and I bet she was glad of that.
Helen said it was a pretty big crash and a pretty big dent.

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Nearby Collision
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