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 Neighbor Steve

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PostSubject: Neighbor Steve   Sat Jun 21, 2008 11:58 am

came over this morning, and said his computer updated overnight and won't boot but he'd fooled with it and it will boot into safe mode.
I went over and we fooled with it a while and it's totally screwed but checked the restore points and he didn't have any.

It's kind of complicated but I divided his disk to have another partition to save his files in and we did. Then I installed a new copy of XP on the machine but the screen was 16 colors and looked like crap. I told him if he couldn't find his driver disk (I remember way back when he got it that it came with one) that he could go to Dell on the net and find and download the drivers. Well that didn't work, it couldn't get on the net so needs his lan driver to even get on the net.

I came back home and he was still searching for the driver disk and I thought I'd be nice and tell him to get me the model and serial and I'd try to look them up for him online. Of course they may have more than one for the same machine so it would have been better to find the driver disk. I'd forgot, he doesn't answer the phone and it went to his message so I just hung up. I don't need to get ahold of him. Too bad.

He didn't have a desktop on his profile which he had named LIZZARD and some numbers, didn't have shit in his menu either and I had to tell him to open the explorer by holding the Windows key and hitting the e key. It's gone and overwritten now and good riddance but he'd been running it with the OEM install since 2001 and it was really a mess. XP with 256 ram and a 2001 OEM install. Oh well. He's a strange duck.

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PostSubject: Steve   Sun Jun 22, 2008 8:25 am

Maybe you can sell him one of your puters..Sounds like he could use a new one. On second thought ..bad idea..He'd be begging you to come over and mess with it all the time.
Gave my old computer to Tracy's sister but she lives a hundred miles away so very little hassle for me.
I have all my personal files backed up to my WD Passport and if my puter goes bad, I'd just buy a new one and put those files back on..The hardware is getting cheaper and cheaper.
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PostSubject: Re: Neighbor Steve   Sun Jun 22, 2008 12:09 pm

Helen saw him over at Curly's house helping get ready for the
party so I went over to tell him to get the model and serial and
I'd go to the Dell site and see if I could get his drivers if he
hadn't found the driver disk. (trouble with that is they usually have
several drivers for the same model as they change hardware during the
manufacturing process and it's try one at a time)

He'd taken it to a shop and said the name like I would surely
know where and what the shop was, EM something I think.
They'd told him that the problem probably was that his drivers
weren't compatible with XP Pro. (Crazy) And he was sure that
he knew what the problem was and since i didn't he'd tell
me. The drivers (that he didn't have) weren't compatible with
XP Pro and he was having them put XP Home back on it.
That's not true of course and I could have put Home on it but it's
not supported anymore. Oh well, glad to have it over with and
I guess they'll find his drivers. If he didn't spend more than the
computer was worth to fix it he probably just would have gotten
another tatoo.

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PostSubject: Re: Neighbor Steve   

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Neighbor Steve
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