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 Helen's Computing

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PostSubject: Helen's Computing   Mon Aug 30, 2010 9:37 am

Coming along slowly. Still has the urge to blame me for everything. I turned off her
Yahoo chat a couple of weeks ago. Last night she said "Have you been messing with
it again?" No. "I thought you got rid of the buddy list and now it's back!". Went and
checked, it was off but they were listed on the left like always, told her no, they were
always listed over there. "I haven't seem it before. I just scrolled down to see what
was there, hadn't done that before."

Getting on to the terminology. She sent me a copy of the info on the hotel reservation
that Cindy sent. Pretty worthless, proof of nothing but part of the body of the email
Cindy got back with a lot of info expunged on purpose by Cindy and mixtures of about
five more emails mixed in on one email.
Anyway she was looking on my screen when I asked her what was worth saving, looked
at it and said "Scroll up! Scroll up!". That's progress, hasn't been long since she didn't
know what I meant when I told her to scroll down or up.
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PostSubject: Yea Helen   Mon Aug 30, 2010 5:38 pm

I,m glad that Helen is enjoying the computer.
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Helen's Computing
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